BREED Release Date!


BREED has an official release date!

BREED by Niki Cluff is coming AUGUST 3rd!

A comet is set to destroy Earth, but Kyle Singer is determined to survive.

Tired of being treated like a second-class citizen thanks to her perfect brother, Kyle doesn’t think twice when offered the opportunity to attend an academy formed to stop the comet. It’s not like there’s going to be much left after the comet hits, anyway.

She’s drugged, shipped off to the school, and thrown into a relationship with Ichiro Seung-hun, an exchange student from South Korea. The school isn’t just about stopping the comet. It’s a breeding program for after the comet hits and wipes out the human race. Terrified of becoming a baby-making factory, Kyle and Ichiro will do whatever it takes to escape.

Even if that means dying.


If you’re local in the AZ area, we will be having an official launch party with physical copies of the book and everything. Which blows my mind. Real paperback copies of the book. If you aren’t local, I’m planning on a couple of giveaways and a Facebook launch party so there will still be chances to participate in the fun.

Also, second bit of news, I signed a second contract earlier this week for another book with Evernight Teen. Look for more information on HEAD CASE, coming soon!

ET coming-soon


If you are a book blogger and would like to review my book please let me know. I’d love have you review my book! Thank you!

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