Kai’s Secret by RL Walker

Looking for a YA book similar to The Divinci Code? Check out Kai’s Secret by RL Walker
Find the artifacts, solve her parent’s disappearance.
That is Kai’s goal after she notices artifacts missing at the Smithsonian during her internship. Little does she know at the beginning of the summer that her whole is about to change when she embarks on the most difficult mission of her life. As she is discovering her Navajo heritage at the museum, she also discovers she has a gift. Shapeshifting. She meets Atsa on the reservation who helps her harness her ability for good so she can stop the artifact thief before it’s too late. Her parents’ mysterious disappearance years before and the future of the reservation rest in her talons!

And check out The Disappearing Act:
The carnival: here today, gone tomorrow.

Zoe has once chance to accept her fate and save her friends. Failure is not an option.
The summer starts off as a normal carnival season for Zoe who has grown up in the carnival. Soon she realizes it’s everything, but normal. Friends are disappearing and Zoe begins to notice she has an ability to see what is happening to her. Will she be able to learn to use her newfound telepathic powers to save her friends from a madman before the summer is over?

Come for the carnival, stay for the story….

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