Everlasting by JC Horton

Looking for a weekend read? Check out Everlasting by JC Horton!

k great! This is my book its a young adult fantasy romance.

Tessara Knox has had a hard life: both of her parents are gone, the only immediate family she has left is a sister she would die for, and since she was little she has been able to read minds. The advantages this gives her always leaves her wondering if the constant pain radiating through her head is worth it. Sometimes the pain is so excruciating that she would do anything to stop it, even end her own life. With all of this riding on her young shoulders, moving to a new town is the last thing she had in mind. But it’s in Salem, Utah, that Tessa meets some new people who curiously seem to have powers of their own. Even that seems insignificant when a boy from school goes missing, and all fingers point to Tessa. Feeling a strong connection to a boy she only met once, Tessa makes it her job to find him—or at the very least, what happened to him.

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