Niki Cluff is the mother of a young gentleman and two young ladies. She has a dog that doubles as a pony (dane/mastiff). Sometimes she feels like her husband is her fourth child, but he’s one of the best parts of her life. He’s an amazingly hard worker, owns his own carpet cleaning business, and always pushes her to be better and try harder. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be pursuing her dream of being a published author.

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Niki writes young adult and middle grade fiction. She started writing when she was in middle school. She and her best friend would pass a notebook back and forth adding onto a never ending Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing fan fiction. After that, she wrote Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan fictions on fanfiction.net before moving on to writing her own novels. Niki is an avid reader, loves playing video games, her favorite being The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy X. She currently works as an intern for Inklings Literary. She’s currently trying to find homes for her Robin Hood/Sleeping Beauty retelling, pre-apocalyptic fiction, magical realism along the lines of Frozen meets Pokemon, and is in the middle of a LOTR style epic.

She’s a stay-at-home mom, but she also delivers an early morning paper route, runs a small book club and volunteers at her kid’s school. She plays the flute, enjoys sketching, can crochet and sew and  the last few years she’s taken to watching Food Network. She loves to cook and is excellent when it comes to copy-cat recipes. If she has a hankering for it, she’ll make it.

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