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BREED 8/3/2018 from Evernight Teen

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A comet is set to destroy Earth, but Kyle Singer is determined to survive.

Tired of being treated like a second-class citizen thanks to her perfect brother, Kyle doesn’t think twice when offered the opportunity to attend an academy formed to stop the comet. It’s not like there’s going to be much left after the comet hits, anyway.

She’s drugged, shipped off to the school, and thrown into a relationship with Ichiro Seung-hun, an exchange student from South Korea. The school isn’t just about stopping the comet. It’s a breeding program for after the comet hits and wipes out the human race. Terrified of becoming a baby-making factory, Kyle and Ichiro will do whatever it takes to escape.

Even if that means dying.


“This was a very good debut novel, and an intriguing story line. Niki Cluff does a great job with pacing, character building (both good and evil), and providing just enough intensity to make you want to keep turning pages. I stayed awake well into the night to finish.”

-Kim Harneson July 30, 2018

“I am looking forward to reading the next books as I liked Breed enough to care for the fate of the characters and get to know what happens next. Recommended for teens and young adults. Get your copy now!”

-Lauraon August 2, 2018

“Overall, it was a great read, the plot constantly rolling and surprising me, the characters well developed and relatable, and I was left wanting more. It is the first series I’ve read in a while that had the perfect amount of story to feel complete but also keep me wanting more with expectations of getting something fresh and different.”

-EngProf AvidReadon July 25, 2018



Look for the cover reveal for Head Case 8/27/2018!

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Allyson has been in a coma for the last nine months. What’s worse, she can hear everything the doctors say. She knows they’re keeping her in a coma and that she’s at the mercy of the hospitals First In Human trial. A VR system implanted in her brain for a second chance at life, but Ally doesn’t want to leave her family behind.

Attached to the VR, Ally discovers worlds unlike home. There, she can do whatever she wants. But she misses her parents. Using hacking skills, Ally emails her mom in hopes that she’ll free her. When the emails don’t work, Ally learns to astral project. With help from Harrison, a rabbit-eared boy, they work together to free themselves from Aishwarya, the mad queen of the world. But when Harrison wakes up and doesn’t come for Ally, she’ll split her soul to the brink of death to save herself.

“I recommend this book to anyone who loves an Alice in Wonderland type story and would like to see a little Sword Art Online mixed in. I give Head Case 4.5 Stars for an enjoyable plot line, relatable characters (to me), and for the fact I will probably pick up a published copy down the road to reread once I’ve caught up on my TBR list.” -Rainy Days, Books, and Coffee