What’s In A Character?

For those of you who have been following my own personal writing, you know that I've been re-writing my Robin Hood/Sleeping Beauty retelling. Going back to look at something I wrote almost five years ago has forced me to re-evaluate one critical aspect of my manuscript. My characters. Characters are hard. It's difficult to come … Continue reading What’s In A Character?

What’s Your Sign? Character Development

Creating characters is hard. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a realistic personality. Characters can be based off of real life people, or ones from TV or movies, but how can you dig deeper? How can you give them more life? My literary agent recommended I look into astrology. That requires extra work, but … Continue reading What’s Your Sign? Character Development

From Drab to Fab

I want to start my blog with a post I had on the Relentless Writer's blog. It's still relevant and something I often get asked about in writing. Recently I read Margie Lawson's lecture on Empowering Character Emotions. In it, she talks about strengthening your emotional pull with your characters through setting, dialogue, internal and external thoughts and actions. … Continue reading From Drab to Fab