What’s In A Character?

For those of you who have been following my own personal writing, you know that I've been re-writing my Robin Hood/Sleeping Beauty retelling. Going back to look at something I wrote almost five years ago has forced me to re-evaluate one critical aspect of my manuscript. My characters. Characters are hard. It's difficult to come … Continue reading What’s In A Character?

What’s Your Sign? Character Development

Creating characters is hard. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a realistic personality. Characters can be based off of real life people, or ones from TV or movies, but how can you dig deeper? How can you give them more life? My literary agent recommended I look into astrology. That requires extra work, but … Continue reading What’s Your Sign? Character Development

What’s In A Name?

One day it happens. You're blessed with a budding idea of joy. That little character you hold in your hands, the pride you've spent months cultivating, stands before you. You test the waters with hair coloring, eye shape and the perfect lips by scouring pinterest. Eventually you settle on that perfect character, the one the … Continue reading What’s In A Name?

10 Critique Partner Commandments, or Bestst CP EVER!

I am a lone wolf. I am solitary. I have spent my days within my own mind, capturing the essence of worlds I can't live without. I have written all the words, spent my time paring them down to perfection until the world glitters like a million stars and the characters shine in their brilliance. … Continue reading 10 Critique Partner Commandments, or Bestst CP EVER!